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DiRT 5 Trailer Looks Into Career Mode, Game Releasing October 9

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Today Codemasters has released a new trailer for DiRT 5 with special focus on the game's Career mode and revealed a release date of October 9. On that date the game will release on Steam for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Those looking forward to a next-gen version of the game, it will be coming but details on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 launch will be revealed at a later date.

In the new Career mode trailer, we are introduced to Troy Baker and Nolan North, who will be voicing Alex 'AJ' Jani?ek and Bruno Durand, a superstar fan favorite and racing veteran that becomes the game's antagonist. The rivalry between these two is what creates the opening for the player's up-and-coming racer to make their mark on the sport. While Troy Baker's AJ serves as a mentor to the player, Nolan North's Bruno Durand is driven by his need to win, with your motivation being to defeat Bruno. These two will be present as part of the in-game DiRT podcast that tells the story of the game, and along with them will be James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes, racing enthusiasts from Donut Media, as well as special guests including current W Series World Champion, Jamie Chadwick and YouTube star, SLAPTrain. The podcast works by inviting characters from the game onto it after a big event.

The Career mode consists of five chapters and over 130 events that take place across the globe, from the US to China and beyond. Players will have multiple paths open to them so you can choose which events you wish to play, and naturally your performance in these events is important. The better you do, the more Stamps you earn, which are necessary for unlocking the chapter's Main Event. It is only by succeeding the competitive challenge of the Main Event that you get to advance to the next chapter.

While completing events, you will unlock Throwdown one-off challenges, which provide a different experience. These are one-on-one matches against a fierce competitor in the world circuit, making them one of the ultimate challenges you can face in the game.

Besides earning Stamps to advance as you complete and do better in the events, you will also raise your performance and reputation ranks. These are used by global brands you can recognize from the real-world, in determining what to offer the player to sign their fresh talent.

While it sounds like Career mode will largely be a single-player experience, there will be times you can take advantage of local couch co-op. For multi-car challenges you can have up to four players in the race, with the additional players taking on the roles of AI-controlled vehicles. The highest finishing position then counts toward the player's career, providing a way to boost Stamps and help players progress.

With this new story integration and Career mode being something that underpins the entire experience of the game and the playground open to the player, DiRT 5 is looking to be an interesting entry for this series. Back in 2017 I reviewed and quite enjoyed DiRT 4 so I am looking forward to all this will offer come October 9.



Source: Codemasters

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