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DOOM Eternal Reviewed

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As I said I would do in the review, I replayed the game and captured that playthrough, so here is an instant Let's Play+:

DOOM Eternal - Lat's Play+

Also, something I had not realized until after all of this work is OBS Studio got an update days before DOOM Eternal released adding the ability to hook into the Vulkan API for capture. I have not tested if it works with DOOM Eternal, but can confirm it works with a different game using Vulkan, so perhaps if I had checked for an update I would have a proper review playthrough.

(If any wants to see the versions of the videos with the heart rate tracker applied, I'm still deciding when to release them. Because of how busy I am with other things, it might follow the usual schedule I keep for those videos, which would mean they would start releasing at end of May.)

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