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XFX RX 5600 XT THICC II Pro (12 Gbps) Reviewed

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I just received a 14 Gbps SKU of the THICC 2 Pro for review. I was able to flash the vBIOS of the 12 Gbps card in this review linked above. which effectively made it the same as the new 14 Gbps SKU.

XFX said it will never be officially supported because the 12 Gbps SKU was never tested for the speed increase. But since the memory is the same, from what I can tell, all the vBIOS did was raise the memory frequency and change the sub-timing (maybe voltage bump?).

XFX did say you can manually overclock the memory, However in MSI Afterburner only reached 1625 Mhz (13 Gbps). It seems like a vBIOS flash is necessary to reach the  1750Mhz (14 Gbps) speed.

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