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Need Some Athlon Xp 2800+ Info?.

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Im new to OC'ing and need some info on Athlon Barton XP 2800+ DEFAULT settings as well as what is a safe overclocked target for this chip.


Here is my setup:


AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Barton (W/Coolermaster F/HS) @32C

Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro mobo

2 each Corsair CMX512 XMS DDR400 RAM (dual channel)

SATA Maxtor 120GB

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

https://www.krogerfeedback.nl https://talktosonic.onl

Current BIOS settings are:


CPU 2192.5 MHz (reported by CPU-Z)

2x175MHz (350MHZ)

T(RAS) 6

T(RCD) 3


CAS Latency 2.0


VCORE Overvoltage (normal)

DIMM Overvoltage (+0.1V)

CPU Ratio (normal)

CPU Voltage Control (normal)

CPU Voltage 1.675V



I'd really like to know what I can bump these settings up too safely. Im confident that there is sufficent cooling. Some tips and advise or suggested settings for this particular chip would be greatly appreciated!!




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Unless that chip is brand new in box I would not expect to get very far with a nearly 20 year old cpu. That and even a more recent bottom of the barrel processor will run circles around it even overclocked.
Is that an unlocked chip? It has been so long since I have messed with those Bartons I do not remember how to tell if it is unlocked. But if it is unlocked just up the multiplier from what I remember. 

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I thought you had to have a shim or draw on it with a pencil to unlock those chips.

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well that's a blast from the past!


DEFAULT settings were

333 MHz frontside bus (166 MHz actual rate in bios), 12.5 clock multiplier, 2.075 GHz effective clock speed. 1.65V


The motherboard and CPU should be able to easily handle 400mhz fsb (200 in bios), which would do better for the whole system. You will most likely need more voltage or less clock multiplier, if you don't change anything it'll be trying to do 2.5 GHz! Since you are doing ~2.2 GHz assuming stable, I would do 200x11. Then work up from there. I know I was pushing 2.8 and a couple to 3 maybe. The fastest stock Barton was 2.33 GHz I think...


The socket A cpus like to smoke out though if you get too crazy, as I did with my first Palomino Athlon XP back in the day. THERMAL THROTTLING IS NOT A THING ON SOCKET A. I also scored my first watercooling and peltier cooler from a guy on craigslist because he smoked his thoroughbred running the peltier backwards :whistling::haha:


Most people would cut and bridge the Gold Fingers using a pencil and exacto knife for tuning the CPU, doing this you can unlock the multiplier if it isn't already. A small strand of copper wire from a multi-stranded cable, or conductive pen tend to be more reliable. Scotch tape or clear nail polish can help protect any of said materials too, although the pencil lead can be screwed up just from looking at it wrong. You can also use copper wire inserted into the socket or tied around the cpu pins to achieve effects. Helps a lot with locked motherboards!



WOW ocinside.de still ahs the guides up!




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Im pretty sure I killed a 2000 XP because it doesn't have thermal throttling. I also know someone who cracked the die putting a heatsink on.

Ahh this brings me back to my teenage years. I was 12-13 or something around that when I got a that CPU. Took a whole summer of work to buy it.

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man were those the days.


The 7n400 pro isnt a bad board depending on what revision it is but it still isnt as good as the old DFI Lanparty Ultra B boards.


The 7n400pro will do a decent job but you WILL be limited by ram. Not sure if the Overclock Database is still available here or not but I had the 7n400pro and overclocked a few socket A's in it. Settings are here somewhere as are the Ultra B boards.


To get good clocks you will need to find some old Patriot ram with Samsung ICs. these would clock to the moon.


The best overclocking ram you can find for that board is the old PDP Patriot PDC1G3200 + XBLK   (2-2-25 @ pc3200, 3-4-4-8 @ pc4200) I still have the kits I set ram records with.


That board wont like the old Micron BH5 or BH6 high volt ram....

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