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Gothic Playable Teaser Released on Steam for Piranha Bytes’ Game Owners

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Fans of the Gothic series will be happy to hear the THQ Nordic has released a surprise playable teaser of a remade level from the original 2001 game. The reason the company has released this is to see the reaction from the fan base. It wants to know whether a remake using Unreal Engine 4 by letting players roam around the Mining Colony of Khorinis. After completing the prototype game, players will be presented a survey to share what they feel, and whether production should continue for a full Gothic Remake or leave the heritage and memories untouched. If there is enough interest for a remake to be made, then full production will begin, but it will take time. The team would need to grow and the whole of Gothic would need to be rebuilt from scratch. Only the story, setting, and music of Gothic would remain as all of the graphics, sounds, systems, and various tech would need to be recreated in Unreal Engine 4. On the bright side, that does mean systems that were not that great will be updated and upgraded, with the combat system being one example.

It is the newly formed THQ Nordic Barcelona studio that created this prototype and Piranha Bytes, the developer of the original games, is not involved as it is focused on a game that should be announced in 2020. However, to get access to the prototype, you will need to own a Piranha Bytes game (Gothic series, Risen series, and ELEX) but you can buy one now and get access.



Source: THQ Nordic

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