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Dead Cells Starting 2020 with The Bad Seed DLC

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Those enjoying Dead Cells should be happy to know that in Q1 of 2020 it will be receiving The Bad Seed DLC. This will be a paid DLC, costing $4.99, but it does not mark the end to the game's free post-launch content though, as free content, balancing, and systemic updates will still be coming on a steady rhythm and at the same quality seen this year. The revenue generated by this DLC will help the team continue to deliver those updates though.

With The Bad Seed, players will get to enter two new biomes; the Arboretum and the Swamp. While the Arboretum is a lush paradise, its creatures are deceivingly adorable. The Swamp contains an overgrown arboreal settlement, and while it is home to ambushing blow gunners and spear wielders, it is also the only escape from the giant purple ticks that dominate the ground. If you are able to overcome these perils, you will be rewarded with new weapons, including the first double slot weapon and a very dedicated and loyal mushroom companion.

The Bad Seed is launching in 2020 Q1 for PC and consoles at a price of $4.99.



Source: Press Release

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