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Intel Reportedly Orders CPU Production from Samsung

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This is some news that might be rather unexpected by many, but it is being reported by Pulse, a South Korean news organization, that Samsung has won orders to produce chips for Intel. For quite some time now Intel has been struggling to keep up with demand, likely due to a combination of factors. One is the general growth in computers and another theory is that delays on deploying its 10 nm process at its on fabs has forced Intel to stay on its 14 nm processes longer than planned. To address this, it appears Intel reached out to both TSMC and Samsung, the world's two largest foundries, about producing chips and Samsung won the contract. As TSMC is a strong manufacturing partner for AMD, it is not too surprising Samsung was selected between the two, but it is still interesting to see Intel going to another company for producing, reportedly, desktop processors. Intel has turned to other foundries to produce some parts, but not necessarily entire processors or processors meant for desktops.

Pulse does not state what products specifically will be produced by Samsung, but it may prove interesting to find out in the future and if there are any differences between Intel and Samsung made products, as their specific fabrication processes are likely different. Intel may share some of its process with Samsung to address this, but there could still be variations. We will just have to wait and see what comes of this news.

Source: Pulse

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