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Video power question

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Hello people, hope you are all keeping well.

I have an ASUS Z97-PRO Gamer and an ASUS 980 Strix Vid card Fairly standard. The CPU is i7 4790K @ 4399.47 MHz

I play Elite Dangerous Horizons, and recently, I noticed the FPS dropped to a varying rate from 28 to 58 for a while.

Happened a few times. I have it set for 60 FPS.

I wonder if this is a fluctuation caused by Vid waiting for CPU as mentioned by Braegnerock. (Sorry about the spelling)

The original reason I want to pick your brains is the newer cards. I have not looked at your reviews yet (my bad)

If the above is because one of them is too weak for this game as they keep adding things, I wonder how far I can go in Australia. Our top card I think is $2000 Australian.

If the CPU is too weak, I'm going to need a new board as well as a better cpu.

Please rattle the nuts and bolts and let me know your thoughts please.

Regards from Mike.


I have to add some edit:


Seems a reasonable card over the 980 strix. Trouble is, If I use a connector that is NOT dvi the speakers in the 144 monitor wont turn off.

So atmo I have a monitor that used DVI as well, and the game does not support SLI properly. Many users report problems.

Also, while I think of it, how does the 980 stix stack up against the MSI card? On Amazon shipped to Aus it is slightly over $400 but no DVI connection.


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More info input, and needed.

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I better do another info delivery.

Ever since 8800 sli's I have watercooled my vids. At the occasional 40 degree c and 33 in my room, I probably need to.

I like the performance of the gaming 2070, but nearly twice the price of a 2060. ( and from your review seems to be an orphan.)

Also, what is your take on the newer monitor connectors? Does an adaptor delete some performance?

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Hay Cespenar, happy turkey day.

I'm thinking your hardware is fine, it's far above system requirements for that game. 

It's most likely a known bug, Frontier made a post about it a few months ago. Turn off FX Effects completely seems to fix the issue. Last I heard patch apparently on the way to address it. 

Has been reported awhile ago in known bugs. https://steamcommunity.com/app/359320/discussions/0/1678064284142593217/



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