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5700 (Non XT) to XT Flash

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A few people have mentioned the ability to softmod the 5700 to get a higher power / clock speed limit. While this method is fine, you have to modified the windows registry and do it every time you update the drivers.

Someone on here pointed out that the Non-XT can be flash to the XT which will raise that power and clock speed. So I did it with the RX 5700 Red Devil I reviewed since it is the only Non-XT card I have.

I flashed over the Silent BIOS (also backed it up) with the RD XT OC BIOS. Works like a charm. ran 3DMark Stress Test for stability and it passed. Overall the clocks automatically hit 2020 Mhz and 1.2V. Previously the Non-XT hard limit was 1775 Mhz. Which I think was due to the power target, not voltage.

Anyways from the benchmarks I ran, without any more tweaking it is a 7.54% gain. I might make a article out of it, but flashing is always risky and the gains is minimal.



Borderlands 3

47.7 - Stock
51.3 - XT Flash - 7.54% increase
52.24- Stock XT

3DMark Time Spy (GPU Score)
8114 - Stock
8682 - XT Flash
8825- Stock XT

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