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Recommendation: AMD CPU, MB and memory

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So I went and got the Asus X570 -Pro Motherboard yesterday since it was on sale for $191

and it is still on sale. 


Chose this memory : Amazon: Gskill  . Was it a good choice? Have time to cancel since the board won't ship out until Dec 1st.

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You picked a good brand, I guess It depends on if you want the RGB. Price wise, it seems all the RGB lights start around that price of $80.  Newegg has (none-RGB) G.Skill 3200 CL16 for $70 and 3600 CL16 for $90 ($100 with RGB). 

As for performance. When I benchmarked 3800 CL16 ($200) vs 3200 CL14 ($150). It was a big difference is synthetic benchmarks, but in real-world ones (aka games), 1920x1080 resolution saw 2FPS increase with a RTX 2080 SUPER in certain games like The Division 2, other, no difference. Considering both kits are double the price of a 3000 kit, the price isn't justifiable unless overall the build cost is higher.

Edit: I wanted to see what DDR4 3000 CL16 would be like so I tested it in Borderlands 3 with a RTX 2070 SUPER.


3733 CL16-16-16-35-50-T1 / FCLK 1866

3000 CL16-16-16-35-50-T1 / FLCK 1500


AVG FPS. Graphical: Badass


  • 3733 - 84.35
  • 3000 - 85.36


  • 3733 - 60.48
  • 3000 - 61.73


  • 3733 -  33.24
  • 3000 - 33.98

All three within margin of error. The faster memory is done after hours of benchmarking already and card is warmed up. The other I just did with a cold video card. That might be why the frame-rate is slightly higher. So the answer to the age old question of if memory speed matters. It for the most part does not in PC gaming. This is only one game I quickly tested and of one video card, but from the other tests I have done, the difference can be chalked up to margin of error.

I'm sure it has a higher impact on lower tier video cards and the Ryzen 3600, but for the 3700X and above, it doesn't matter.

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