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Humble Bundle Changing Monthly Subscription to Choice Plans

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Humble Bundle launched back in 2010 and offered bundles of typically indie and DRM-free games that customers could pay what they want for, with part of the purchase price going to the developers or charities. Since then some things have changed, such as the inclusion of book bundles, games not always being indie and not always being DRM-free, and the addition of the Humble Monthly subscription. With this you can get multiple games every month for just $12, and to entice people to subscribe some of the games would be revealed early. The current early unlocks are Call of Duty WWII, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Revealed today, the Monthly subscription is going to change quite significantly to Humble Choice.

A key difference between the current Monthly and future Choice models are that with Choice, depending on the plan you subscribe to, you are able to select a certain number of games from a selection to keep. Instead of just being given games you may or may not care for, you will get to select from a list what you want. Unfortunately, the pricing of the plans have gone up with the Basic plan costing $14.99 but only allowing you to select three games. The lower Lite plan does not grant any games to keep, but does give you access to the Humble Trove and a 10% discount in the Humble Store. The Premium plan is priced at $19.99 a month and lets you keep nine games, while also bumping the discount up to 20% and gives you unlimited access to Humble Bundle published originals and betas.

For those with a Monthly plan active when the transition to Choice happens, you will be given the Classic plan. This plan allows you to select 10 games to keep and maintains the current $12.00 monthly price, so would represent the best deal. If you cancel the Choice plan though, you will lose it (but pausing it will not, according to the FAQ).

When the transition to Humble Choice will occur is not stated, but it should be in 2019. The next date the Humble Monthly games are sent out is November 1, so that would seem to be the earliest.



Source: Humble Bundle

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