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With Release of Disco Elysium, GOG Giving Away UnderRail with Purchases

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Today the game Disco Elysium has released, allowing players to enter an isometric RPG to play as a detective trying to solve a mystery. It offers significant freedom of choice, allowing you to apply intimidation, violence, poetry, and even karaoke to achieve your goals. To celebrate its release, GOG has decided to sweeten the offer by throwing in a free copy of UnderRail with every purchase before October 22. UnderRail is another isometric RPG that released in 2015 that is set in a future when Earth's surface has become uninhabitable, so the survivors were forced to live in the Underrail. You play as one of those survivors as they are caught in the conflicts between other station-states and the struggle to survive in the harsh environment.

Source: GOG

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