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Offworld Trading Company Receiving The Europa Wager Expansion

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Offworld Trading Company provides an interesting twist on real-time strategy games as the goal is to achieve economic dominance instead of military supremacy. Today a new expansion of the game was announced that will take you away from Mars, the base game's location, and Io, the volcanically active moon of Jupiter, to the smallest of the Galilean moons, Europa, as part of The Europa Wager. While its environment will still be quite harsh, instead of lava flows to be concerned with, it will be the methane geysers coming through the cracks in the water-ice surface that you will need to contend with. On the bright side, the atmosphere has plenty of oxygen and that methane can be turned to power, if you have enough. You can also use Hydrothermal Plants to generate power similar to Geothermal Plants, but they provide some additional power and will generate small amounts of water.

Along with the new world to build your business on, the expansion will also come with new scenarios to challenge you. For example, you will need to help colonists establish themselves on this moon with supply lines. Additionally you will need to consider the long days and cold nights as you build, to prevent your buildings from falling down.

The Europa Wager is coming soon and when it arrives will be priced at $14.99.

Source: Stardock

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