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Corsair Releases Vengeance LPX RAM Capable of 5000 MHz

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If you have or are building a computer based on AMD's X570 platform with a Ryzen 3000 CPU and want or need fast RAM, Corsair may have just launched what you are looking for. By working with MSI and AMD, the company has is now offering a Vengeance LPX DDR4 memory kit that can achieve 5000 MHz with CL18-26-26-46 timings. It is a 2x 8 GB kit, so not exactly massive but should be enough for various tasks, including modern gaming. Still, this will be the first memory kit that is commercially available and able to break the 5000 MHz barrier, and it can do this on MSI MEG X570 Godlike, MEG X570 Ace, MEG X570 Unify, and Prestige X570 Creation motherboards using their automated overclocking utilities.

The kit is available immediately from the Corsair store and its authorized retailers. A quick look at the Corsair webstore shows, expectedly, the kit is rather expensive at $1224.99.

Source: Corsair

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