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The Division 2 Receiving Episode 2 and TU6 Update on October 15

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Players of The Division 2 should be happy to hear it will be receiving a significant update later this month. On October 15 the game will receive the TU6 title update with numerous changes and a new PvP mode, though Episode 2 – Pentagon: The Last Castle will only be available on that date for Year 1 pass holders and Uplay+ subscribers. October 22 is when all players will gain access to that content.

The list of improvements coming with TU6 include targeted loot, crafting and recalibration changes, Inventory Management 2.0, rebalancing, and more. The Episode 2 content includes two main missions that have Division agents trying to get to a perfusion bioreactor inside the Pentagon's underground research facility. With it antiviral samples can be replicated, but the Black Tusk forces are after the bioreactor as well. The first mission has you working to find the bioreactor in the Pentagon and the second takes you to the DARPA Labs as the Black Tusk are working to transport it through a forgotten Cold War tunnel network.

Also part of the Episode 2 content is the Technician specialization that features a P-017 Launcher as its signature weapon. This is a multi-missile launch that can target up to six enemies. The sidearm for the specialization is the Maxim 9 while the skill variant is the Artificer Hive and the Grenade Mod is the EMP grenade.

Source: Ubisoft

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