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DIY LED reef lighting

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I will be selling my lighting soon. Have ordered an Orphek Atlantik V4 light.

My light was built for my other tank which was smaller. The tank now  a 50g Tank : 36X18x16 deep.

Im still able to have clams and sps corals I just want more power ( par) .

Here are the spec of the lights

 39 x RB's ,11 x B's ,4 x CW's , 12 x NW's
6 Turquoise ,8 TV's , 6 DR's total of 86 LED's
Storm controller W/coralux 6 up Board 2x350ma,2x700ma,and 2x1 amp LDD drivers

PS : Meanwell NES 350-48 350W

The HS is from heatsink USA and measures 8.5 x 18

I have a rough drawing of the par reading I was getting throughout the tank.

Asking 300 plus shipping.

Sorry for the way the drivers and controller look. I used a type of Velcro to hold them in place.

As you can see, It didn't work.









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