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Wargaming Reveals Ray Tracing Solution Coming to World of Tanks for DX11 GPUs

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Wargaming, the studio behind World of Tanks and other games, is holding a festival in Europe where it has made a number of announcements concerning the game, but also one that may be a welcome surprise for some players. The developers are working on improving the graphics engine powering World of Tanks, called Core, with two features. One is greater concurrent rendering support, which will improve utilization for multi-core CPUs, and the other is ray tracing.

This ray tracing solution is being developed at Wargaming with close collaboration with Intel, and will allow the tanks to be rendered at higher quality as even small details will cast realistic shadows. Interestingly, it will work with GPUs that support DirectX 11 and higher, so it is not necessarily based on DirectX Ray Tracing in DirectX 12. Unfortunately, it will only be applied to intact vehicles that are in direct sunlight, so we are not going to see ray tracing being put to work everywhere. Still, it should make for a nice graphical improvement when it is rolled out, following the completion of tests.

Source: Wargaming (World of Tanks website)

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