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Rebel Cops, Spin Off of This Is The Police, Announced

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A spin-off of the This Is The Police series of games has been announced by THQ Nordic, and it turns the tables some. While you are still playing as police officers, you are not effectively outlaws as the crime load Victor Zuev has gained control of Ripton. While most city officials now work for Zuev, your squad has remained loyal to your duty to protect and serve, making you Rebel Cops, the name of the game.

You can expect to be outnumbered and out-gunned, but your team has the drive to beat the odds and ultimately take down Zuev, restoring justice to the town. To get new weapons and equipment you will need to search through the sandbox missions to find them. Better weapons will be helpful, but at the same time hit points have been removed, so even a single bullet can kill a character. When shot in some locations, the character will have time before bleeding out, but other locations are just instant kills.

Rebel Cops will release to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on September 17 and will cost just $9.99. You can expect about 15 hours of gameplay from it.



Source: THQ Nordic

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