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1500x out 3700x in to b450m.

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And boy are the temps interesting. I was using an IC carbon thermal pad and was having good results. Under an H115i rgb Corsair system, I could run 75% fans and see 80 deg.c at 100% load....I'm running the same equipment on the 3700x, and I am seeing 4.2 ghz ALL-core at 91c. That's very close to the 96 max but that's also at 100% fan on the rad and pump speed. I think I'm going to have to just give in and order up some thermal paste like I used to run. HW monitor is showing 119 watts as well (Where the 1500x topped 80 watts)....I definitely should look at the block/cpu interface. As the AIO heatsoaks, the temp is trickling up just ever so slowly. 92 now and seems to have settled. The case has good flow.


HWmonitor is the monitoring software. OCCT for the stress test is saying the CPUtin is 68.5, but I'm wondering what it's using to measure. HWmonitor is ttops or near top of lists of best monitoring software and seeing what it showed last time with the 1500x, it's probably accurate. Any ideas on ta better  way to measure here? Or am I on track. I'm suspicious becuase the AIO system is a 250watt unit......or should be.

I updated the BIOS before all of this, and the only thing I did after setting everything to default settings is activate the XMP memory profile for the team dark 3200 cl14 memory. Otherwise I left things alone. However it's not adjusting cpu speed all over the place, but seems rock solid at 4.2. I will look into things to make sure it's not accidentally OC'd.

Board: msi b450m mortar titanium (the mosfets and board temps were 65 c or below during this) MEM: samsung b-die pc3200 cl14.

Thoughts? (Idle temps have come down to 44 deg since I shut down the test.

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I know this is from the 5th of September, However something should be said.

Well, If you are unsure about the thermal pad then it would be best to switch over to Paste tim, Thermal Grizzly seems to be at the top of the food chain at this time. I would not use the liquid metal. Spring for the Kryonaut instead.

So far as lowering then temps even more you can attempt to track and lower your CPU voltage and run stability tests to verify it. That has worked in ITX builds that optima tech has done recently, as well with video cards to keep things under control in a sub 15 liter case. Airflow restriction....... NEVER, haha.

Lastly, Take out your CPU and carefully attempt to spin it on a glass or wood surface. if the thing grinds to a halt, it is likely flat enough, check it with a razor blade. If it spins like a top your IHS is convex. Might entertain some lapping at that point. That should give you some improvement.

Other then that what it seems with the AMD systems is 4.20 4.30 seems to be about the limit. But heck, Maybe a few tweaks is all it needs to get the temps under control and maybe another 100-200 MHZ, 


Give it a shot if you are up to. 

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90c+ is normal for the 3700x/3800x if you leave the voltage on auto and do a stress test (even with a AIO). The voltage is like 1.4v by default. My AIO cooler reaches the same temps with prime95 if I leave everything on stock/auto. 4.3 Ghz @ 1.3v is in the 80s.

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