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Cyberpunk 2077 (2019 thread)

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So there is apparently a thread for Cyberpunk 2077 that started in 2012 and has a most-recent post from 2016. Rather than necroing it (but here is the link: Cyberpunk 2077), I thought I would start a new one for this year.

Coming to the point of it, there are a couple videos for the game out today, and as I do not like writing and posting news items that are just to point out a video, I thought I would share them here. First up, a Deep Dive video showing new game footage and lasting about 15 minutes:

If that is not enough for you, CD Projekt Red also put out an extended version that includes a Q&A with developers. This Deep Dive and Q&A Panel video is some 73 minutes long, so enjoy:

I'll admit I have not watched them yet, as I am busy with some other things at the moment, but I suspect they should be interesting.

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