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Need help flashing 2070 Max Q please

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Hey guys,

New to the forum been a overclocker for a few years. I quit for couple years but now im back i've had a friend that knew everything about this stuff but he disappeared and i only know how to flash kepler and maxwell cards i really want no limits on this 2070 max q i want to overclock it as much as i can can someone edit the vbios for me and walk me through the flashing process i am guessing we are going to use nvflash but i dont know what you guys use to edit clock and tdp limits with turing cards i am willing to make a very good donation. thank you for reading and helping. I appreciate it. i have a sager NP8957 with RTX 2070 MAX i attached my vbios in the post.


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NVIDIA was encrypted the bios. You can no longer edit tdp, clocks or anything else in the table.  I wrote a guide to flash your card to a different vendor which "should" have higher TDP and stock clocks. However, I dont know that card brand you have. So I have no clue if a flash would brick the card.



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