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DIY RCA Interconnects

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I hope everyone is doing well. It's been awhile. I just finished making some RCA cables and thought I share it on here. I was using the freeĀ RCA cables you get from AV products. They started shorting out recently. I was tempted to try out Blue Jeans Cables, but they are kinda pricey. I wasn't a fan of Monoprice's bulky cables and AmazonBasics didn't have sizes I wanted. I decided to go the DIY route since it was cheaper and I could make custom sizes.

Parts Lists:

  • 30 ft - Mogami W2333 cable - $10.20 @ markertek.com
  • 16x - Rean NYS373 RCA plugs - $26.40 @ markertek.com
  • 50 Foot - 750 Paracord (Royal Blue) - $8.49 @ paracordplanet.com

I made 4 pairs of cables: 8 inch, 2x 3 ft, and 6 ft.

Total Project Cost (excluding tax and shipping): $45.09
Equivalent Store Brand Cables: $36 for 4x AmazonBasics RCA Audio Stereo - 4 ft

Without the optional paracord, the price is very comparable and you can do custom runs.

Time Spent: 4 nights sleeving the paracord. 1 day soldering.
There was enough leftover cable and paracord for other projects. I would recommend using a paracord that is at least 2mm bigger in diameter to make it an easier process to sleeve the cable. 750 Paracord is 5mm in diameter and the Mogami W2333 was 4mm in diameter. It was a painfully slow process to sleeve them.

Click for image gallery


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