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will adding a 1060 to the titan xp lower ppd on titan.

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Got a free 1060 video card and Id like to put it  to good use in my pc and fold.Ive  got a 750 dark power pro power supply from Be Quiet that should be enough power for both right?...Right now I'm folding on the titan xp 24/7 ,will the ppd drop going from 16x to 8x 8x? .MB is an MSI X370 SLI PLUS.Maybe moot if I cant find the box where the extra cables are wife moved it.grrr

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I ran two 1080 Tis on 8x PCIE 2.0. Seemed to only lose a few thousand points depending on the project WU. You can look at GPU-Z and see in real-time the bandwidth being used. So I am going to say, no noticeable difference from 16x to 8X. If you have PCIE 3.0, than you don't have to worry at all.

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