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Galactic Civilizations III Updated to v3.8 with Significant UI Changes

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Originally released back in 2015, Galactic Civilizations III is continuing to be updated and today it is now at version 3.8. With this update comes changes to the UI as well as the Ascension notifications. Now whenever a civilization gains control of an Ascension crystal, an icon will appear to notify you and mousing over it identifies its progress. The UI has been updated so the text uses fonts, colors, and sizes more consistently, and the fonts have been made bigger where possible. The margins and list entries have been cleaned up, extra returns have been removed from the 'word on the street' blurbs, and some drop-down menus in the options screens have been moved to prevent clipping.

Additional changes include the ability to change the difficulty level while playing a single-player game. Shipyards will identify the amount of production being sent to them, so you can know how fast they will construct things and the Planet view list will now display research. The Tourism exploit in the version of the Consulate from the Crusade expansion has been fixed as has the stuck turn issue.

You can check out the complete list of patch notes at the source link.

Source: Stardock

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