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Got sick of Intel HSF mounting system

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So I did something about it.

Sadly removing the motherboard to install the bolts presented it's own pita. So on the first go around it's a zero sum. I hope that in the future unscrewing the bolts for removing the HSF, which is required to get to the 8 pix ATX 12 volt and or CPU fan connector. What dip decided to put that on the top edge of the mobo anyway?! Will be more convenient in the future.

The reason for this undertaking was a psu swap. And the reason for that was artifacts in just cause 4. I sware I can't bloddy win




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Well with 115X and several others I guess this could present quite the issue. However for me I have only ran Processor coolers that either A have a special backplate you install once and then use another set of bolts to install with spring tension. 

Or I have simply enjoyed socket 2011 that has 4 tapped holes right on the Ziff and hold down assembly. no mobo bending, no BS, screw and go. 

After that I do not want to talk about amd and their plastic whatever its suppose to be.


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