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Gainward rtx 2080 nvflash ID mismatch. Help!

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I have a problem when I try to change the bios in nvflash. My card is the basic rtx 2080 reference pcb with +111 power limit, I'm trying to put another bios from Gainward phoenix GS(reference pcb and same cooling but better power limit) and any time i tried, is allways failing. ID mismatch. I've tried diferent nvflash versions, even the patched one for the mismatch error but is allways the same.

The commands i'm using are:

nvflash64 --protectoff

nvflash64 -6 rom.rom

nvflash64 --index 0 -6 rom.rom

nvflash64 --overridesub rom.rom


nothing works for me. ¿Am I doing something wrong?

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Well if you have the Tripple Fan version "426018336-4207" Its a Non-A GPU so you cannot flash it to the Phoenix GS. If you have the base Phoenix model "426018336-4139" Than the Power Limit is only 10 watts difference and still tops out at 250.  You are going to want the EVGA XC Ultra BIOS I have linked in the guide. Its Power Limit is 292 Watts.



As far flashing, It looks like you added a few extra steps. 

nvflash64 --protectoff

nvflash64 -b backup.rom

nvflash64 -6 NAME.rom (NAME is the file name of the bios you are trying to flash)


It should work but sometimes you need to use the mismatched nvflash version https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-nvflash-with-board-id-mismatch-disabled/

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