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My first o/c venice 3200+ opinions please?

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First I wanted to thank you guys for all the help and dealing with my stupid questions. I did a lot of reading and this is what I came up with.

In testing I came with a isolated max htt/fsb of 280, 260 for the max chip and 240 for the memory, which is why I used the divider to get close to 260 (255) httx10.

Bios 4-14-2

255x100 with a 9/10 divider running 2-2-2-2 (DDR 360) (yes, really). First question - how come no one runs these memory settings? Is it bad? I couldn't get a higher overclock even with 2.5-3-3-5 so I slowly lowered it and this works just as well.

Temps - this is where i'm concerned

MB runs 52 under load

CPU is all over the place. Generally 40 under load but I've seen it jump to 49 for a second using everest. Perhaps just innacurate?

Northbridge 50

Does everything look good? I'm stable so far at this speed and I'll do a prime tonight to double check. Any settings I should look at changing








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Is this computer from 2003? I see you are talking about DDR1 but without content to the CPU and chipset, its hard to say what is good.

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