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Home media center project

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Hi all ive been wanting to dip my toes into the world of raspberry pi and i think ive found the perfect project.


i have my media server on my local network and i use my xbox to watch my media from my server.


i would like to replace an aging laptop i use to access my media in the other room but i need something that wont just flop over and buffer, so i ask which PI would be best suited for my needs.


wifi is probably the best bet as running an ethernet cable is problematic due to the distance to the other room.


im a little skeptical of using a sd card as main os drive as I've broken at least 5 in the last 2 years


any recommendations or advice you can give will go along way towards helping.




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well your timing is spot on, they just launched rasberyy pi 4, sadly still no SATA but there are 2x usb 3 ports, so you can use those for increased throughput.


Haven't heard of any sata hats that don't use some usb adapter either.

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mini-itx projects are cool, like to know how it turns out !

cooler master just came with the h 100 mini case just for such builds... guest-jim posted it

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