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Choose between 2 SATA SSDs please


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Hi all,

It's been years since posting, as i have been busy (back in school) and not building anything but a small upgrade is needed and looking for some advice:


Looking at two 500GB SATA SSDs.

I have no particular preference for either of these and if you feel strongly about a different one that you would recommend, I'm all ears.

Reliability and price are of course a concern.

The Crucial boasts 1.8 million hours MTBF vs the Samsung 1.5, so not too much difference, with the Crucial $65 vs Samsung $78m so I lean towards the Crucial

It's going into an older build whose 128GB SSD is just not enough and I'm upgrading OS to 10.

This Samsung 860 EVO or this Crucial MX500 ?


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Welcome back

They are both good choices.
I see that one difference is that the Crucial MX500 500gb is warrantied for 5 years/150TBW whereas the Samsung 860 Evo 500gb is 5 years/300TBW.

I would go for the Samsung.
I'm currently using a Samsung 850 Pro 256gb and a Samsung 850 Evo 1Tb and have been impressed with them.  

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I believe the MX500 is TLC Nands. The 860 EVO might be too. I know the Pro is MLC for sure. 

I have a Crucial MX100 that has lasted many years now. I know its MLC Nands but it has 16,000 hours on it. 

My Intel 740 480GB has 34,000 hours, 75TB writen to it and still 98% health.

I 860 EVO had a firmware bug that sometimes bricked the SSD. Im sure its been fixed by now. But like ANY SSD. They can die at any moment and your data is pretty much lost.


Edit: if you want some long term reliable drives go to ebay and search "Intel DC" those are the enterprise SSDs. They last forever.

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