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Gearbox Shows Off Social, Streaming, and Accessibility Features for Borderlands 3

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As we slowly approach September 13, we can expect more information about Borderlands 3 to be revealed, with the latest batch concerning a few topics. On the social front, the game will feature Free-for-All dueling, meaning a 1v1v1v1 experience, a first for the series. There will also be rich presence Discord integration, activity group-based matchmaking, and asynchronous matchmaking. With activity group-based matchmaking enabled you will be matched with players in the same mode as you, or who have made similar progress in the story, while asynchronous matchmaking means you will be free to play while you wait for others to be paired with you.

For those who are going to stream the game, or watch the streams, viewers will not only be able to view a player's loadout and skill trees via the ECHOcast Twitch extension, but also spawn events in the streamer's game. Certain conditions will need to be met first, but options include Moxxi Mixer events, Badass Viewer events, and more.

Lastly the topic of accessibility was address, with on feature being something many will likely enjoy. Players will be able to fully remap all controls, and this applies for both PC and console players, making it compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. There will also be controls to disable head bobbing, auto-mantling, as well as aim-assist options, extensive controls for closed captioning options, and considerations for color blindness. A new pinging system will also be in place in the game, allow you to communicate with other players without needing to actually speak. Not only will a mark appear in-world and on the mini-map, but your character will also provide a contextually appropriate line.

Borderlands 3 is definitely one of the more hotly anticipated games of the year, and thankfully September 13 is not too far away.

Source: 2K Games and Press Release

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