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Star Control IP Lawsuit Settled Between Stardock, Fred Ford, and Paul Reiche III

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Some of you may remember at the beginning of the year Star Control: Origins was taken down from both Steam and GOG following a DCMA request, but was later returned to both platforms. That happened because of a dispute that existed between Stardock, the developers of Star Control: Origins and Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III, two of the original creators of the Star Control series. Now this issue and the lawsuit between the two parties has been settled, and this was achieved in not the most bee-lievable way.

Actually it seems like the concept to what led to this settlement makes perfect sense, as it came down to Reiche calling Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock, but getting to any of the legal stuff, they first talked about bees. Both share an interest in bees, with Wardell keeping bees and Reiche wanting to learn to raise them so he can make mead, and Reiche used this to start the communication which ultimately led to an amicable agreement. While the agreement itself is confidential, its terms can be publicly described and have been. The summary is Stardock will be able to continue making games in the Star Control franchise while Reiche and Ford will have the Ur-Quan Masters franchise to develop in. Reiche will actually work with Stardock to create new alien races for Origins and Stardock will help the two with technology. Both sides are recognizing and respecting each other's copyrights along with opposition to trademarks being dropped and Stardock's alien name and character trademarks being dropped too. We can expect Star Control, Star Control II, and Star Control III to be on sale again from Stardock, with royalties split equally between Stardock and Ford and Reiche.

Also in the agreement is that Wardell will be giving Reiche and Ford honey from his hives while Reiche will give him some bottles of his homemade mead. Wardell will also give advice on how to avoid being stung by bees. Apparently the lawyers were not very excited to include such a section in the agreement, but what is most important is that with this agreement, both sides can return their focus and energies to what they want to do; create games.

Source: Dogar and Kazon (Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III website) and Stardock

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