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GOG Announces Galaxy 2.0, a Platform to Unify Game Launchers

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Years ago GOG introduced its Galaxy client, a platform through which you could purchase and manage your games on GOG. It eventually gained an in-game overlay, universal cloud saves, and the ability to connect and chat with your friends. Now the company has announced the next iteration of Galaxy is aiming to do much more.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 is being designed so it can connect and combine multiple game libraries into a single client. It will also be able to see the status and activities of your friends on the connected platforms from in Galaxy 2.0. The information it gathers will not be shared with third parties, for anyone curious. Something else that is interesting is it will even be able to import games on your consoles, allowing you to organize them all in a single master collection. You will also be able to install and launch any PC game, regardless of the platform, though the other game clients will need to still be installed to access certain features. Installing and auto-updating as well as cloud saves are some example features that may require these other clients to be installed.

There will be a closed beta for GOG Galaxy 2.0 and you can sign up for it through the second source link below.

Source: GOG [1] and [2]

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