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Scythe Releases New FUMA 2 Dual-Tower Cooler

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With how powerful some of our CPUs can be, cooling them can be tricky. Some prefer going for liquid coolers, either custom or AIO solutions, but others choose air coolers, with fewer parts that can fail. Scythe has announced a new cooler for people to consider, the FUMA 2, and it promises 15% greater cooling efficiency compared to its predecessor. This improvement comes from a few changes, including larger fins on the heatsink, but also the two Kaze Flex 120 mm fans. While one of these fans is 25 mm thick, the other is just 15 mm thick and they actually rotate in opposite directions. This results in higher static pressure but keeps the airflow stable for better performance.

Though the FUMA 2 is a dual-tower cooler, it features an asymmetrical design and cutout in the fins to not obstruct your RAM. The tower itself is only 155 mm tall, so it should be able to fit in many cases without issue.

The FUMA 2 is available in North America with an MSRP of $59.95.

Source: Press Release

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