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Metro Exodus Expansion Pass Detailed

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Released back in February, we are now getting information on what Metro Exodus's Expansion Pass contains. Its two major pieces of story-driven DLC will both feature playable characters other than Artyom, the base game's main character. Coming in Summer 2019, the first of these two DLC, The Two Colonels will have you playing as Colonel Khlebnikov as he tries to get home to his son, Kirill, for New Year's Eve. The journey he takes through his dying city, as mutant attacks increase and the radiation protection dwindles, are retraced by Colonel Miller a year later when he enters the city of Novosibirsk.

The second DLC can be expected in early 2020 and is titled Sam's Story as it will follow Sam, the US Marine that joined Artyom in the base game. He has long dreamed of returning to his home in the United States, and with the revelations about the state of the world in Metro Exodus, perhaps those dreams are not so farfetched. This will be a new sandbox survival level in Vladivostok, where Sam will find its tsunami damaged harbors and ruined buildings, and need to apply every survival tactic he has learned to survive.

As part of the Epic Mega Sale, you can find Metro Exodus discounted to $34.99 for the Standard Edition or $64.99 for the Gold Edition. The Gold Edition includes the Expansion Pass, which is not on sale and costs $24.99 separately. The two DLC will also be available for purchase separately.

Source: Deep Silver

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