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The Video Game Machine Announced by Stardock

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Today Stardock revealed a new project, The Video Game Machine, which will allow gamers to not only play games but also make and share them with others. It starts by selecting the hero of your game, and as heroes need enemies to fight, you will need to select them too from the editing menu. After this you can either work from a blank slate or work from a sample game based on a genre you choose, like side-scrolling adventure or shoot 'em up. You also get to set the game's rules, such as how the camera should work and enemies behave. After doing all of that, you can start playing the game for yourself to see how you like it, and then return to the edit mode when you have new inspirations or just want to make some changes.

Like all Stardock titles, you can join The Video Game Machine's founder's program to gain early access. The price is $9.99 and Founder's Alpha Access starts May 29.

Source: Stardock

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