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Star Control: Origins Return of the Lexites Releases as Part 2 of Earth Rising Expansion

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Star Control: Origins released last year, letting players explore its galaxy as the captain of Earth's first interstellar starship under the newly formed Star Control. The organization was formed as a result of the Lexites, a post-singularity race created by humans that ultimately decided to leave Earth behind them. Now, with the second part of the Earth Rising expansion, players will finally get to meet this species in Return of the Lexites. You need to face them too, as they have their own reasons to try to stop human expansion in the galaxy, which is causing issues with your allies. In addition to encountering the Lexites, we can also expect new missions, ships, and weapons as part of Return of the Lexites.

The Earth Rising expansions consists of four parts and we can expect the third part to arrive in the Summer and the fourth to follow later. The complete expansion costs $19.99 on Steam with the base game costing $29.99.



Source: Stardock

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