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Cooler Master Launches SK621, Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

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Most of the time I find myself working at my desk, but this is not always possible or whatever work I am doing calls for me to be somewhere. At times like this, wireless peripherals can be much more comfortable and Cooler Master has announced its first Bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard, the SK621. The keyboard uses a 60% layout, making it quite compact, and it also features Cherry MX low profile switches with the durability and precision you expect of a mechanical keyboard while having a shorter travel distance and actuation point. If you want a wired experience, it uses a USB Type-C connection and when on a wired connection you have N-key rollover while being on wireless you get just 6-key rollover, to improve battery life.

The SK621 also features per-key RGB backlighting and surrounding light bars, but it is very understandable if you do not want to run with these on all the time. With the lighting enabled the battery will last for about 14 hours, but without the lighting it can reach four months. Naturally the lighting can be controlled through the company's Portal Software Application, where you can also configure macros, but on-the-fly controls will allow you to do this without the software.

The SK621 is available starting today with an MSRP of $119.99.

Source: Press Release

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