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1 video card splitting screens and sending to large tv.?

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In other words .. I'd like to run 3 or 4 separate things on 1 tv with 1 video card say split 4 ways or 2 over 1 screen.I run 3 seperate 24 inch now..I have a multiple programs that I can drag/undock parts of the program to other screens.Id like to do that but with 1 large tv with the screen split multiple ways.I dont really game so screen lag wont be to big a problem I think.The pc is used more for music production and/or recording plus 3d content creation/graphics. texturing. Video card is a titan XP .The programs are Reaper a digital audio work station,   EZ drummer from Toontrack and eleven rack from Avid..Plus other programs for graphics 3d content creation...I happen to have a 52in sharp aquos just sitting around Id like to use for it.I has 4 hdmi inputs.


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