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Cooler Master Launches Square Fan Series of PC Fans


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Revealed back in January, Cooler Master is finally announcing the launch of its new Square Fan (SF) series of PC fans in its MasterFan family. By using a square frame, these maximize area coverage for generating high pressure airflow, which is desirable for CPU coolers. Rubber pads at the points of connection will reduce vibration and noise pollution, helping to keep these fans quiet, but they can also be bright with the RGB lighting they offer. Some also support addressable RGB for control by ASUS, MSI, and ASRock motherboards.

The SF120R RGB and SF120R ARGB are both 120 mm fans and differ in the level of lighting customization possible with them. The SF120R RGB will have all of its LEDs the same color while the SF120R ARGB can have its LEDs produce different colors for more effects. The SF360R ARGB fan stands out from the others though, as it is not one fan, or three separate fans sold together, but a single unit. By placing the three 120 mm fans in a single frame, installing takes about as much time as it would to install a single fan, but the wiring will be easier as all three are powered by a single 4-pin PWM connection. The only other cable is for controlling the ARGB LEDs. Each of these fans also have a lighting extension header on its frame, so you can chain together fans without needing an RGB splitter.

The MasterFan SF120R RGB, SF120R ARGB, and SF360R ARGB are all up for pre-order today in North America. We can expect additional units to be released in the coming months, including the SF240R ARGB, SF120P ARGB, and SF240P ARGB.

Source: Press Release

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