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Google Launches Season of Docs Alongside Summer of Code

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This marks Google's 14th year doing its Summer of Code, where it connects student developers with mentors to do open-source programing projects. Now Google is launching a parallel program dubbed the Season of Docs to connect technical writers with mentors to document these projects. To get the most out of any piece of software, one often needs to review its documentation, so when the documentation is lacking or absent, it can be very difficult to do whatever it is you wish to do.

Through this project, open source organizations will be able to bring in experienced technical writers and mentor them to build the documentation, improve what already exists, and create tutorials if needed. Like with the Summer of Code, there is a timeline for producing the targeted results, but as a way to both improve or provide documentation, and increase the experience of technical writers, this is hopefully a program that will succeed and continue in the future.

Source: Google and Phoronix

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