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HITMAN 2 Content Roadmap Shared

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Launched back in November, HITMAN 2 is set to receive more content in the months ahead and IO Interactive has shared a roadmap of what can be expected, and when. Actually the developers have monthly roadmaps and livestreams to let you know what to expect, but today we got a selection of highlights for what we will see release into Fall. The next IOI Monthly livestream is planned for April 29.

According to the highlights, those who have the Silver Edition of the game, which includes Expansion Pack 1, can expect a new sniper map, Hantu Port, in the Spring and a new location, The Bank, in the Summer. In the Spring we will also see new unlocks, Ghost Mode for Santa Fortuna, a Spring Break theme, and items and emotes. The Summer will also have a couple new special assignment missions released for those with Expansion 1, Embrace the Serpent and Illusions of Grandeur, along with a Jungle Summer theme. The Gold Edition of the game has both Expansion 1 and Expansion 2, so in addition to everything mentioned above, Gold Edition owners will also get a new sniper map, The Prison, and a new location, The Resort, in the fall. There will also be a couple special assignment missions limited to those with the Gold Edition, but the outfit and antique knife unlocks, along with Mumbai Ghost Mode, and two themes, The Rivals and Halloween, are not marked as needing an expansion.

Of course content may change as we approach and enter these release windows, but we can also still expect more content to release. You can watch for the livestreams and monthly roadmaps to stay up to date.

Source: IO Interactive

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