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Siege of Centauri Entering Steam Early Access on April 16

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Announced about a month ago, Siege of Centauri is scheduled to hit Steam Early Access on April 16. Set in the same universe and using the same engine as Ashes of the Singularity, Siege of Centauri is a tower defense game instead of an RTS. By using the power of the Nitrous engine though, this tower defense game will be able to place thousands of units on the screen for you to deal with. It will take some strategizing to decide the best defenses to use for each situation, as low damage defenses that damage multiple enemies can outweigh the high damage, single-target guns you could otherwise build.

Come April 16, Siege of Centauri will cost $9.99 on Steam, but if you would rather not wait, you can get beta access by joining the game's Founder's Program, which is also $9.99.



Source: Stardock

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