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Possible NVIDIA RTX 2070 Ti Spotted in UserBenchmark Database


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In case the EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti K|NGP|N is more than you are looking to spend on a new graphics card, NVIDIA might be preparing a new GPU that should occupy a better price point. As WCCFtech shares, an entry has been spotted in UserBenchmark's database that might be an RTX 2070 Ti. Its performance would come in between the RTX 2080 and RTX 2070, though the entry indicates it has a lower clock speed than either and a curious 7.5 GB of VRAM. It is possible these values have been misread by the benchmark, especially as this new GPU, if it is real, likely would not have proper software support yet.

Why an RTX 2070 Ti would be created is a more interesting question, though its predecessor may provide the answer. The GTX 1070 Ti was created to challenge AMD's RX Vega 56, which was a stronger offering than the GTX 1070 when it launched. With AMD expected to launch its new Navi GPUs built on a 7 nm process this Summer, the RTX 2070 Ti might be meant to compete with these either by selling to people waiting for Navi prior to release, or being a direct competitor after release. Only time will tell if this is an RTX 2070 Ti spotted, and what its purpose in the NVIDIA product stack might be.

Source: WCCFtech

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