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Heave Ho Announced by Le Cartel and Devolver Digital, Coming in Summer

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If you want to do more than just hang out with friends this Summer, then this might be a game to consider. Heave Ho is a local multiplayer title that can have four players work together to use physics to not die while crossing chasms. I suspect physics will also be used to kill you though, by the game or by your 'friends,' but either way, Grapplers can use their two hands and the hands or bodies of friends to swing or fling themselves across gaps to reach their goal.

I think the trailer below will do a good job of explaining the gameplay you can expect. You will be able to customize your appearance with accessories and other accouterment to stand out from the others. Heave Ho is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch in the Summer, but for those interested it is playable at PAX East at Booth #18096 (on a 20 foot 4K screen too), and potentially at every other event coming up before its launch.



Source: Press Release


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