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i7 9700K OC

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Good day people,


Last night I successfully oc'ed the i7 9700K, on air (Noctua NH-U14S, double fans) to 5ghz. What I'm asking is if these values are ok, as I have not done oc since my i7 3770K days (oc in 2012 to 4.5 - still working), and some settings are missing from these new boards. The cpu is set in an ASrock Z390 Extreme 4, Voltage manually set to 1.35v, Short and Long power limits to 4095, Memory on XMP, multi core enhancement on, LLC on level 1, and the rest of them on auto

Any tips on settings for more stability? What I am asking is did I miss anything?

In prime 95 small fft - After 4 hrs all cores stay between 80-85 celsius (a bit high or normal for this cpu?)

Cinebench tops at 70-75 celsius on all cores


Prime 95 blend tops at 60-65 celsius on all cores

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All those seems within reason. I wouldn't go above 1.35v personally. I know some people are fine with 1.4v, but than you start getting into the danger zone.


If you are error free after 4 hours with prime95, you should be okay for the most part. Sometimes errors do come up hours later (hence the 24hr stability test). But no one has time for that :)

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