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AMD's Navi GPUs Might be Delayed to October, According to Rumor

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If you have been waiting on AMD's next GPU architecture codenamed Navi, this might be bad news for you. TechPowerUp found Cowcotland is reporting Navi has potentially had its launch delayed to October, the beginning of 2019Q4. The original estimate was middle of this year, so, if true, this would equate to months later than expected. The reason suggested by TechPowerUp is that it has to do with the company's 7 nm foundry allocation for the year, so this is potentially not a design issue. AMD is currently dependent on TSMC's 7 nm manufacturing capabilities for all of its current and upcoming 7 nm products. This includes the Vega20 GPUs in the Radeon VII graphics card, MI50 and MI60 accelerators, and the Zen 2 chiplets for the next series of EPYC and Ryzen 3000 series CPUs, as well as the Navi-based GPUs.

Source: TechPowerUp

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