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Monster Hunter: World Update with Witcher Geralt Now on Consoles

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Unfortunately this is currently only for consoles, but is coming to PC on a later date. Back in December, a collaboration between Capcom and CD Projekt Red was announced that would bring Geralt of Rivia, the featured Witcher of the Witcher series of games, to Monster Hunter: World. Today the feature update was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, allowing players of Hunter Rank 16 or better to accept Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest. This is an original quest line that will have you play as Geralt as he tracks a Leshen, and you will need his silver sword and witcher signs to succeed. Like the Witcher games, choices you make during dialogue sequences will influence how it unfolds. Success will get you Witcher-themed special items, resources to craft Geralt's armor and weapons, a unique nekker skin, weapon for your Palico companion, new gestures, titles, pose, and guild card background.

For those of Hunter Rank 50 or above, starting February 15 and going until March 1, you can participate in Contract: Woodland Spirit. This is a multiplayer event that pits players against an ancient Leshen, a deadlier foe. Completing this contract will get you resources for crafting the armor and weapon set of Ciri. Hopefully PC players will not have to wait long for this update.



Source: CD Projekt Red

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