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Apex Legends F2P Battle Royal Game Launched by EA and Respawn Entertainment


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If you enjoyed the Titanfall series and have been looking forward to another experience in its universe, today EQ and Respawn Entertainment have announced Apex Legends. This new game is a free-to-play battle royal title that intends to distinguish itself from others in this sub-genre with its squad-based design, unique characters, and new mechanics. There are eight Legends to pick from, and each have their own abilities and playstyles. Among these are Bloodhound, a tracker that can see recent enemy activity on the map, and Lifeline, a battlefield medic that can shield its teammates and rescue them from the brink of death.

Among the other systems to distinguish this from other battle royal titles is the Jumpmaster system, that grants each squad full control over where they will drop into the map. There are also Respawn Beacons, a one-time use location where teammates can be revived, contextual Pinging for calling out enemies or gear, and a system that will automatically attach gear and equipment to the appropriate weapons upon pickup.

The first season for Apex Legends will start in March and will allow players to purchase a Battle Pass for access to exclusive cosmetics. The game will follow a seasonal model for releasing new weapons, legends, skins, and more.

Source: EA

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