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3DMark Scores Leak for AMD Radeon VII GPU


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At CES 2019, AMD announced the Radeon VII, a 7 nm Vega20-based graphics card with 16 GB of HBM2 that AMD's performance numbers place at the level of the RTX 2080. Naturally one should always wait for independent performance reviews, which will hopefully not be too far away as the card launches on February 7. With that date approaching though, some information is leaking out including 3DMark benchmark scores. The graphics scores for Fire Strike were around 27400, 13400 for Fire Strike Extreme, 6800 for Fire Strike Ultra, and 8700 for Time Spy.

In addition to the 3DMark scores, VideoCardz also has some Final Fantasy 15 scores, where the Radeon VII comes in behind the RTX 2080, but does beat the RTX 2070 at Standard Quality. Using High Quality though, even the GTX 1070 Ti defeats it. It should be noted though that Final Fantasy 15 is an NVIDIA sponsored title and features some RTX-exclusive technologies.

Being leaked scores, these values could be incorrect, both by virtue of being rumors but also because the drivers used might not be finalized yet. It is just a bit more than a week before release though, and by then complete reviews should be out.

Source: WCCFtech and VideoCardz

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