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SSD for Server OS drive

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What are your thoughts on using an SSD drive as the OS drive on a home server?  Windows 7 is the installed OS.


Just a regular run of the mill box with windows 7 installed on a WD-640gb hard drive that is partitioned at 199gb OS and the remaining as a Temp drive that is shared to the network. The box also has 3 additional hard drives also shared to the network for back up storage.


There is also a 4-bay Port Multiplier hooked to the box via eSATA with a duplicate of the server that is used for server back ups.


on the WD-640gb drive C: has the OS and current drive speed average about 75MB/s and the Partition (D:) averages 110MB/s


my drive to drive transfers seems to be capped mostly to the C: drive speeds. I can transfer from other drives to the PM and speeds are higher. Usually 120-130 MB/s


would there be any advantage or disadvantage to swapping to an SSD for the OS?  I have a spare 240gb MX500 I could toss in it.

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The main advantage of flash drives over traditional HDD drives is the ability to perform many concurrent I/O operations per second (IOPS). Is it necessary for your home server's Windows system partition? Usually HDD drives are sufficient. It of course depends on the workload configured on the server but the operating system by itself doesn't need SSD's


On the other hand, SSD's are useful for vary active database applications, that create large amount of IOPS and generates large number of random disk reads/writes.

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